translation 3

Inform the translator of the purpose of your text

A speech is not the same as a web page. A marketing brochure is not the same as a user’s manual or a catalogue. A press release is not the same as an offer of shares for public subscription. You should also consider how the text will be read and interpreted. On one hand there are scientific papers in which each sentence will be thoroughly scrutinized and assessed by critical peers, while on the other hand there are magazine articles that are read only for entertainment, or web pages that are merely browsed for general content. Everything; style, wording, and sentence construction will vary according to where the text will be presented and the purpose it is intended to serve. Paying attention to these issues will assure you maximal impact in terms of your message and your target group. This may have substantial influence on the price. A glossy brochure in which every word and sentence is “polished” will be considerably more expensive than a rough translation of an internal memo.

Some customers have non-realistic expectations concerning what a translator is actually able to do. The translator will usually translate one sentence at a time. Re-working the text, considering the document as a whole, and to a certain degree, authoring a totally new and better text will invariably take more time than merely translating it, thus costing more. Make sure you provide enough time for the translator to perform her/his work. Today, no one can afford to sit around waiting for a job that will arrive ”probably on Tuesday, maybe not until Wednesday”. Most translators are freelancers, working late evenings as well as weekends. They will appreciate very much receiving early notification of when the job will arrive, so that they can plan their own schedule

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